“Julie was my daughter’s preschool teacher and I am grateful for that. She has a special gift with children and I recommend her to anyone looking for an outstanding preschool teacher. She was always enthusiastic, full of happiness, kindness, and patience. I was so appreciative of that and for her ability to positively encourage the children in her class to learn the social and educational skills necessary for kindergarten. There is much for them to be ready for and Julie prepared them well. Each child was respected and encouraged to grow in the way they needed it most. My daughter enjoyed learning from her and always eagerly anticipated her next day of school. Although my daughter has graduated to elementary school, she remembers preschool and reminds me often of all that she learned there and looks for ways she can spend time in any of her classes or day camps!”

Jennifer McDonald

“I have 4 children and one has been lucky enough to attend Lewis & Clark Preschool Academy. Weston LOVED this preschool. Everyday he came home with something new he was learning and he was always excited about the “exploring/science” opportunities he was able to take advantage of on a regular basis as Miss Julie encourages her students to learn about the world around them outside. Weston is at the top of his kindergarten class with reading and writing and cognitive processes and I attribute a large part of his success to his attending this preschool. It is small and personal but very organized. He is able to get personalized attention that focuses on increasing his strengths and improving areas he was weak in! He came home everyday with some new project. I can’t wait for my 4 year old twins to attend next year! Best investment into my child’s education that I have ever made!”

RaeShel Peck

“We first met Julie Dayley in the spring of 2013 when I was looking for a pre-school for my then 3 year old son for the following fall. She was referred to me by a friend. At the time she was doing a pre-school out of her home. I use to be a kindergarten teacher, so I was curious about her curriculum, daily schedule, and goals. Julie was super happy to meet with me and answered all of my questions. She showed me all of her resources, her curriculum, and walked me through a typical day. After meeting with her, not only was I more than satisfied and signed my son up on the spot, but then I called all my friends that had children of similar age to tell them about Ms. Julie and Lewis & Clark Preschool Academy.”

“Julie is the happiest, most energetic, delightful person you will ever meet. She is super positive with all the children and finds the good in everyone. That said, she also expects the children to behave and treat others with respect. She is a great mix of structured learning time and free time for exploration. Julie lets the children express themselves and fosters creativity and self-exploration. She fits a ton of activities into every class. My son still talks about the fun things they did in pre-school and loves to pull out his ABC binder they took a year making. I feel very blessed that my son got to have such a wonderful pre-school experience. Ms. Julie is truly THE BEST!!!!”

-Jennifer Robertson

“I have had four children attend Lewis and Clark Preschool, and it has been 100% successful!  They have not only loved going to school, but have felt comfortable and excited.  I love that they started the formal learning experience off on the right foot.  I have had kindergarten teachers compliment the wonderful behavior as well as the reading fundamentals they learned in preschool.  I not only highly recommend this preschool, I have another child starting in the fall!  And she can’t wait!”

Melinda Tanner

“Julie, with Lewis and Clark Preschool, was born to be a preschool teacher! Her positive, cheerful and professional teaching style surpass any I’ve seen. The environment is perfect for inspiring young kids to do their best and practice kindness and respect to others. My son attended this preschool and graduated reading full sentences at 5 years old! My daughter attended as well and has grown tremendously both socially and academically, preparing her for elementary school. I definitely recommend this highly sought after opportunity to attend Lewis and Clark Preschool Academy!”

-Bekah Dayley